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National Defense Mobilization Center

  • Release date:2012-03-01 03:29:00

Established: 2008
Research team: Zhaojun Kong, Jihai Zhang, Hao Xiongkang, Yao Lizi, Zhenmin Yang
Research areas: national defense mobilization, economic mobilization of information, emergency management
Beijing Institute of Technology National Defense Mobilization Center, affiliated to the "985 Project" Phase II National Defense Technology Management and National Defense Mobilization Philosophy and Social Science Innovation Base, is a research institute specialized in national defense mobilization, national economic mobilization information technology, and emergency management. The Center contains two specialized laboratories: Laboratory of National Economic Mobilization and Information Management Laboratory.

In recent years, the Center invested 7.03 million yuan on construction of the Laboratory of National Economic Mobilization, consisted of three major teaching and research platforms including a national economic mobilization platform with a management information system core, a quick mobilization logistics simulation platform with an Arena simulation software core, and a safety management and serious accidents experimental platform.

During 2003 - 2008, the Center won the National Economic Mobilization Theory Seminar Outstanding Paper Awards the first prize 9 times, the second prize 31 times, award of excellence 3 times; In 2005, Professor Zhaojun Kong was honored the "Advanced Workers of National Economic Mobilization" by the National Economic Mobilization Office; In 2007, the Center published a "National Economic Mobilization Book Series", the winner of 2007 Social Science Best Translated Book Award.

Contact Information:
Contact: Zhang Jihai
Tel: 86-010-68918746
Address: Beijing Institute of Technology Central Teaching Building Room 1324