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Research Areas

  • Release date:2012-03-01 03:24:00

Business Administration
International business strategy
WTO and anti-dumping
Monopoly and antitrust
Modern industrial policy and analysis
Property restructuring and capital operation
Enterprise development and growth life cycle analysis
Corporate culture
Corporate social responsibility
Corporate public policy
Corporate sustainable development

Management Science and Engineering
Game theory and methods
Evaluation theory and methods
Prediction theory and methods
Information management and information system
E-commerce and e-government
Information content security
System reliability and risk management
Complex systems modeling and management systems engineering
Resources and environmental complex systems management
Knowledge management and innovation management
Technology strategy
Technology monitoring
Management of national economy mobilization theory and methods
Energy and environmental policy research
Operations management
Supply chain and logistics management

Technical Economics and Management
Technology innovation management
Technological innovation economics
Industrial agglomeration, technology diffusion and regional industrial gradient
Technological progress and economic growth
The mechanism of technological innovation and the general laws
Mode and means of technological innovation
Distribution and clusters of technological innovation
Technological innovation and the accumulation of technological capability
SME growth and technical innovation
Entrepreneurship and venture capital
Technical economics evaluation theory and methods
Technology strategy and policy
Project management

Economics and Finance

Microeconomics and applications
Organization and incentives cconomics
Monetary theory and policy
Operation and management of the banking system
Theory and practice of financial markets
Theoretical research and practice summary of financial innovations
Financial globalization and financial market integration
Financial investment and financial engineering
Industrial organization and industrial policy (competition policy, technology policy, etc.)
Industrial agglomeration and industrial sustainable development
Country differences in anti-monopoly and government control
Defense and high-tech industrial development strategy
International trade theory and policy
International economic and technical cooperation
Transnational business
WTO and multilateral trade

Basic theory of accounting
Accounting recognition and measurement theory and method
Cost management theory and methods
Theory and methods of financial accounting reports
Enterprise evaluation theory and methods
The economic evaluation of financing decisions and investment projects
Financial risk control and budget management
Basic theory and methods of audit
Corporate finance

Human Resources and Organizational Behavior
Organizational design, operation and management
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Performance Management
Organizational culture
Cross-cultural management theory and practice
Performance appraisal
Wages and salaries
Staff motivation
Human resources training
Career management
Employee relationship management

Customer value and customer satisfaction
Marketing strategies and plans
Market and consumer buying behavior analysis
Pricing Theory and Methods
Distribution channel design and management
Marketing performance evaluation
Network marketing
Integrated marketing communications

Public Administration
Public administration theory
Management of public affairs techniques and methods
Performance management
Public policy formulation and implementation
Evaluation of public policy
Policy research and analysis
Public organization theory
Public organizational design and management
Human resources management in public organizations