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Organizational Institutions

  • Release date:2011-06-16 03:49:00


Committee of School Affairs


Management Engineering

Management Science and Logistics

International Trade and Finance

Applied Economics

Technical Economics and Strategic Management



Organization and Human Resource Management

 Research centers



Beijing Economic and Social Sustainable Development Research Base

National Defense Mobilization Research Center

Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research

T-more Research Laboratory

Acquisition Evaluation Research Center

Beijing Science and Technology Management Research Center

Research Center for Strategic Planning of Large and Medium Enterprises

Knowledge management and data analysis laboratory

Public Policy Research Office

Center for Science and Technology Evaluation and Innovation Management

Trade Remedy and Competition Policy Research Center

Crisis Management Research Center

System Risk Management Research Center

Modern Organization Management Research Center

Joint Research Center of Chinese and Foreign Family Enterprises

Information Disclosure and Corporate Governance Research Center

National Economy Mobilization Education and Training center

 Administrative and service agencies

Administrative office

Center for Scientific Research and Academic Exchange

Budget Center

Case Management Center

Development Planning and Quality Certification Center

Office of Student Affairs

Center for Employment Counseling and Development