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2009 Graduate Admission Guide

  • Release date:2011-08-05 07:20:00

In two and a half year, full-time Master of graduate programs at School of Economics and Management in Beijing Institute of Technology are specialized master’s programs. The students in these programs are required to undertake rigorous and intensive research and course work. After successfully completing learning and teamwork in the program, students can be expected to have skills of critical thinking, innovative problem solving, and effective, responsible decision- making. Moreover, the graduates will have advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen field of special research Sufficient knowledge of other disciplines to facilitate inter-disciplinary insights, good understanding of the international business environment, and well-developed ethical reasoning skills will be imparted at the same time.

 Our school offers Master degree in the following disciplines:
1. Management Science and Engineering
Research directions: Information Management Theories and Methods, Management Decision-making Methods and Techniques, Industrial Engineering Theories and Methods and Modern Logistics Management, Theories and Methods of Risk Management Systems, Theories and Methods of Management Model and Organizational Design, Theories and Methods of Management of National Economy Mobilization, Technology Forecasting and Innovation Management, Urban Management
2. Accounting
Research directions: Accounting Theories and Methods, Financial Management Theory and Method, Audit Theory and Method
3. Technology economics and Management
Research directions: Technical and Economic Evaluation Theories and Methods, The Defense Industrial Technology, Economics and Management, Technological Innovation Management, Management of Project Investment and Financing Decision-making, Recycling Economy and Sustainable Development
4. Business Administration
Research directions: Business Development and Strategic Management, Market Research, Marketing Management and Innovation, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
5. Public Administration
Research directions: Public Administration, Public Policy Analysis, Public Organization and Human Resources Management, E-Government

6. Applied economics

Research directions: National Economics, Finance, Industrial Economics, International Trade, Economics of National Defense