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腾讯会议号:547 578 549


Team-based teleconsultation is recently embraced by countries worldwide to better serve patients and to reduce the burden of senior physicians. The success of this new practice hinges on effective physician-patient interaction. In this research, we conceptualize team leaders’ and members’ actions toward patient interaction. We then incorporate social support lens to propose the influencing mechanisms of these actions on patients’ continuous engagement in teleconsultation. We utilize deep learning and rule-based methods to identify physicians’ support from large unstructured text information. This research is expected to contribute to the literature on online health IT and social support. It also offers practical insights to help better manage team-based teleconsultation.


浙江大学管理学院长聘副教授、博士生导师,浙江省新型重点专业智库-浙江数字化发展与治理研究中心副主任。主要研究领域包括智慧健康医疗管理、数字化转型与创新。获国家自然科学基金优秀青年基金项目资助、获得过香港杰出青年学者奖(Early Career Award),国际信息系统协会(Association for Information Systems)SIG Health最佳论文奖等。论文接受或发表于MIS Quarterly、Information Systems Research、Journal of Management Information Systems 、Journal of the Association for Information Systems等国际学术期刊。