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【明理讲堂2021年第18期】4-9卡内基梅隆大学黄彦助理教授:Algorithmic Transparency with Strategic Users


腾讯会议号:342 825 772


Should firms that use machine learning algorithms for decision-making make their algorithms transparent? Despite growing calls for algorithmic transparency, most firms have kept their algorithms opaque, citing potential gaming by users that may negatively affect the algorithms' predictive power. We develop an analytical model to compare firm and user surplus with and without algorithmic transparency in the presence of strategic users and present novel insights. We identify a broad set of conditions under which making the algorithm transparent benefits the firm. We show that, in some cases, even the predictive power of the algorithm may increase if the firm makes the algorithm transparent. By contrast, users may not always be better off under algorithmic transparency. The results hold even when the predictive power of the opaque algorithm comes largely from correlational features and the cost for users to improve on them is close to zero. Overall, our results show that firms should not view manipulation by users as bad. Rather, they should use algorithmic transparency as a lever to motivate users to invest in more desirable features.