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【明理讲堂2021年第14期】3-30英国伦敦大学学院米志付副教授:The sharing economy promotes sustainable societies




A simultaneous improvement of both ecological and economic efficiency is necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The new sharing economy has potential to promote the needed shifts in collective consumption behaviour, but better governance models are urgently required. While the sharing economy provides a potential pathway towards sustainable societies, conflicts between business profits and social wellbeing can potentially arise. Service providers aim to maximize corporate profits to shareholders and value to paying customers, while governments aim to optimize wellbeing for all citizens. There is a concern that some companies may use the ‘sharing economy’ as a marketing gimmick to disguise profit-motivation and exploitation under the pretence of making the society a better place. Governments on the other hand might be considered overly optimistic regarding the role such emerging business models can play in resolving a wealth of urban issues even in the absence of financial incentives or new regulations. We suggest instead that such conflicts are resolvable through cooperation between sharing enterprises and governments. Public authorities should provide both economic and noneconomic incentives to private operators who have passed a complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which estimates environmental impacts associated with all the stages of the shared product’s life (or over a firm or project’s lifecycle), while sharing service providers should take environmental protection and improvement of societal wellbeing as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rather than a marketing ploy.


米志付博士,英国伦敦大学学院副教授、博士生导师,伦敦政治经济学院高级访问学者。博士毕业于北京理工大学能源与环境政策研究中心。致力于气候变化经济学研究,成果发表于《科学进展》、《自然能源》、《自然食品》、《自然可持续性》等期刊。入选福布斯欧洲“30位30岁以下”精英榜单和科睿唯安“高被引科学家”。获得中国经济学优秀博士论文奖,中国百篇最具影响国际学术论文奖,世界可持续发展奖,《自然通讯》地球与行星科学前50名论文奖, 《地球物理通讯》高被引论文奖,《环境研究通讯》最佳青年学者论文奖,《应用能源》高被引原创论文奖。多次受邀参加联合国可持续发展大会和联合国气候变化大会。担任SSCI期刊Structural Change and Economic Dynamics共同主编。