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【明理讲堂2020年第35期】11-20瑞典皇家理工学院和梅拉达伦大学严晋跃教授:Energy transitions towards carbon neutrality: mission (im)possible?(能源转型及碳中和之挑战与机遇)



  会议号:腾讯会议 983 263 626


  To achieving the future carbon neutrality, energy systems are under the transition with high renewable energy penetration. The flexibility of the energy systems becomes more important for dynamic balancing of supplies and demands. This lecture focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with energy transitions, for example, spatial and temporal characterization of energy demand and renewable resources for urban district, smart intervention with the new technologies for consumers into prosumers, and integration of renewable energy with energy storage. We argue that the renewable industry has reached the tipping point of competitive costs. We call for accelerating and promoting market-based distributed energy technologies, energy storage, and smart integration of prosumers to respond energy transition.


  Prof. Jerry Yan, PhD: Prof. Jerry Yan is chair professor of Energy Engineering at Mälardalen University, Sweden. Prof. Yan's research interests include advanced energy systems; renewable energy; advanced power generation; climate change mitigation technologies and related environment and policy etc. Prof. Yan published about 400 papers including papers in Science, Nature Energy, Nature Climate & Nature Communications and hold 10+ patents with about 14500+ citations and H-index 60. Prof. Yan is the editor-in-chief of Applied Energy journal (Impact factor 8.848) & editor-in-chief of Handbook of Clean Energy Systems. He is the Chair of International Conferences on Applied Energy. He is an academician of European Academy of Sciences and Arts, and serves as the advisory expert to the UN, EU, & ADB etc. Founder of ICAE, AEii, UNiLAB, iCET, Energy Proceedings, EnerarXiv etc.