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【明理讲堂2020年第13期】7-10美国天普大学福克斯商学院Subodha Kumar教授:Emerging Business Analytics Issues in Operations management, Information Systems, Marketing, and Other Related Domains

  报告人:美国天普大学福克斯商学院 Subodha Kumar教授


  会议号:腾讯会议872 314 446


  This presentation will focus on emerging business analytics issues across different business school domains. The goal is to present the details of some ongoing research in different domains and discuss new research ideas. The presentation will cover many topics such as Omnichannel Retailing, Social Media Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, Digital Advertising, IT Management, Recommender Systems, Shared Economy, Supply Chain Analytics, Sustainability, and Humanitarian Operations.


  Subodha Kumar是美国天普大学Fox商学院杰出教授、大数据研究中心主任, POMS Fellow。主要从事人工智能,医疗分析,社交媒体分析,网络分析,供应链分析,软件管理和数据挖掘等方面的研究。相关研究成果发表在Management Science、Operations Research、Production and Operations Management、Journal of Operations Management、Information Systems Research和MIS Quarterly等国际顶级期刊。目前担任Production and Operations Management执行主编兼部门主编和Information Systems Research副主编等。