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11-26香港浸会大学Christy M.K. Cheung副教授:The Dark Side of Social Media: The Role of Technology in Online Harassment

  报告人: Associate Prof. Dr. Christy M.K. Cheung, Hong Kong Baptist University

  时间:2019. 11. 26 (周二)上午9:00

  地点:主楼 326


  Online Harassment on social networking sites is an emerging societal challenge related to the undesirable use of technologies. While increasing attention has been paid to online harassment, research on the topic is fairly limited in the Information Systems literature. There is a need to further advance the literature by examining the role of technology in online harassment in social networking sites. To address the research gaps, we use crime opportunity theory and affordance theory to propose a meta-framework that guides our investigation. The research model was empirically tested using an online survey of 302 social networking site users. The empirical results suggest that the evaluations of SNS environmental conditions (i.e., the presence of suitable targets and the absence of capable guardianships) affect online harassment, whilst SNS affordances (i.e., accessibility, information retrieval, and association) influence the evaluations of these environmental conditions. This work enriches the cyberbullying literature by offering a new theoretical perspective to study online harassment in social networking sites. It also provides SNS developers with insights that can be implemented as measures to combat online harassment.    


  Christy M.K. Cheung is Associate Professor of Information Systems and e-Business Management and the Director of Research Postgraduate Programme of School of Business at Hong Kong Baptist University. She earned a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the College of Business at City University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include Technology Use and Well-Being, Social Media, Data Analytics and IS Security. She has published more than 150 refereed articles in international journals and conference proceedings, including Decision Support Systems, Information & Management, Journal of Information Technology, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, MIS Quarterly and among others. She is currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief for Internet Research.