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11-8宁波诺丁汉大学Boying Li博士:Dissemination of Online Rumor Messages: The Roles of Cognitive Appeals, Affective Appeals and Topic-congruence

  演讲人: Dr. Boying Li, University of Nottingham Ningbo China

  时间:2019. 11. 8 (周五) 下午3:30

  地点:主楼 317


  Social media facilitates the dissemination of anti-firm rumors which can cause harmful consequences for companies. Traditional rumor theories mainly focus on understanding individual rumoring motivations; however, little is known about what message features shape the dissemination of anti-firm rumor messages. In this study, the effects of message features on anti-firm rumor message dissemination in social media are studied from the perspectives of cognitive appeals (i.e. content unambiguity and source unambiguity) and affective appeals (i.e. message emotion and message imagery). Moreover, the moderating roles of topic-congruence are also examined. To test the research hypotheses, data were collected from Twitter and labeled via sentiment analysis and manual coding. This study contributes to previous literature by extending the conceptualization of information ambiguity and by using topic-congruence to capture the interaction effects between rumor topic features and rumor message features.



  Boying Li (Belle) is currently a Lecturer (Assistant Professor level) at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. Her research areas include rumor, electronic word-of-mouth, e-commerce, and consumer behavior and pro-social behavior in social media. She has published in ABS level 4, ABS level 3 and ABS level 2 journals such as International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Information & Management, Production Planning & Control and International Journal of Production Research. She has also served as the reviewer for international journals including Information & Management, International Journal of Production Research, Industrial Management & Data Systems and Internet Research.