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【明理讲堂2023年第79期】11-7斯洛文尼亚卢布尔雅那大学Dušan Mramor教授:An Action Plan for Higher Productivity Growth

报告题目:An Action Plan for Higher Productivity Growth-A Research Project Proposing Economic Policy Actions



报告人:斯洛文尼亚卢布尔雅那大学 Dušan Mramor 教授


Dušan Mramor is Full Professor of Finance at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. In the field of higher education he was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics (2007-2013), the Chairman of the Board of University of Ljubljana (2000-2002 and 2009-2013) and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Economics (1997-2001), Recurring Visiting Professor at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, and Research Associate and Visiting Scholar at the School of Business, Indiana University, USA.

Dr. Mramor had an active role in the Slovenian transition process, serving as Minister of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia (2002-2004), member of the council of the National Bank of Slovenia, member of the Admission Board of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, first Chairman of the Securities Market Agency of Slovenia (5 years), advisor to the Minister of Finance, member of the Strategic Economic Council of the Prime Minister of Slovenia and member of the Advisory Board of the President of Slovenia. He also served as a Vice President of the Development Committee - advisory committee of the Prime Minister of Slovenia (2013-2014). In the period 2014-2016 he served for the second time as Minister of Finance of Republic of Slovenia. For his contribution to the revival of Slovenian economy he was granted the award of European Finance Minister of the Year 2016 by The Banker.


The main issues and standard “prescriptions”The ultimate goal: higher labour productivity and well-being.Modelling the policy actions by:Understanding the complexity,Comparing data with aspirant country,Designing “simple”measures, Review of the implementation and measures‘amendment.The need for social agreement and the role of the academic sphere.