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【明理讲堂2023年第80期】11-13澳大利亚乐卓博大学Sean Arisian教授:Global agricultural supply chains under tariff-rate quotas

报告题目:Global agricultural supply chains under tariff-rate quotas

报告人:Sean Arisian教授 澳大利亚乐卓博大学商学院

时 间:2023年11月13日(周一)上午10:00-11:30

地 点:主楼317


The tariff rate quota (TRQ) is a widely utilized market access instrument in global agricultural trade that allows a predetermined quantity of a product to be imported at a lower tariff rate than the usual rate. This study examines the design and administration of TRQ systems from an operations management perspective and analyzes their impact on market access, fill rates, and revenue for policymakers. We investigate the two most common TRQ administration methods, namely, licensing and first-come, first-served (FCFS) systems. We characterize the Nash equilibria (NE) of importers' strategies and observe how information delays and lead times can result in under-utilization (i.e., imports being less than the quota limit) in licensing and over-utilization (i.e., imports exceeding the quota limit) in FCFS TRQ systems. We introduce a dual TRQ system and demonstrate its superiority over licensing and FCFS systems. We study the effects of stock-keeping options through customs-bonded warehouses and the choice of logistics channels on arrival patterns and fill rates. We conduct a case study of the United Kingdom and the European Union imported beef market using customs data. Our numerical study provides an explanation for the suboptimality of the current TRQ systems and proposes modifications to transform the existing systems. Our findings offer practical directions for agricultural traders to reassess their supply chain strategies by considering the logistical implications of TRQ systems and understanding their competition. This study also urges policymakers to adopt an integrative approach in (re)designing TRQ systems, recognizing the pivotal role of supply chains in global agriculturaltrade.


Dr. Sean Arisian is the founder coordinator of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management program at La Trobe Business School and has developed, coordinated, and taught more than 10 courses in Operations Management, Supply Chain and Project Management areas. As an applied operations researcher, Sean has a special interest in modeling and solving practical logistics and supply chain problems. His multidisciplinary research addresses issues related to security and resiliency at the global supply chain/international trade interface. Sean also conducts research on the development of transformative digital supply chain strategies that promote sustainability and indigenous innovation at regional and national levels. Sean's research has been published in leading journals (UTD24 and ABDC A*/A), including Production & Operations Management, IEEE Transaction on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Transportation Research (Part E), International Journal of Production Economics, and International Journal of Production Research among others. Sean has close ties with the local industry and international scholars, and has successfully established a strong collaboration network. Sean is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for "Transportation Research Part E" and also serves as an external assessor for the National Research Grants Council (Hong Kong).