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【明理讲堂2021年第4期】美国休斯顿大学Bauer商学院黄妮副教授:Preserving User Privacy Through Ephemeral Sharing Design


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黄教授目前担任国际信息系统顶尖学术刊物MIS Quarterly的副编辑。黄教授的研究曾在《Management Science》、《Information Systems Research》、《MIS Quarterly》、《Journal of Management Information Systems》、《Journal of the Association for Information Systems》、《Journal of Consumer Psychology》等众多国际顶尖学术刊物上发表。黄教授是多家科技创业企业和五百强的企业的学术和企业顾问,如腾讯电子竞技部,阿里巴巴达摩院,迈金科技,Summer社交,学堂在线,和美国电子商务公司Collage.com等。


Communication cold-start problems are pervasive in privacy-sensitive settings. For example, due to privacy concerns, users of online dating platforms often refrain from voluntary sharing of sensitive personal information in the initial interaction stage. However, the lack of information sharing impedes trust building, further hurting their probability of securing matches in online dating due to information asymmetry. Considering the privacy-authenticity dilemma and the communication cold-start problem, we examined ephemeral sharing as a privacy-preserving mechanism to navigate the balance between users’privacy concerns and information sharing in the initial interaction stages in online dating. Ephemeral sharing refers to the digital design that once the information being shared by a sender is disclosed to a receiver for a relatively short period, it will be invisible and non-retrievable to the receiver in the future. In partnership with Summer, an online dating platform, we report a large-scale randomized field experiment with over 70k users to understand how ephemeral sharing influences users’information sharing behavior and their subsequent matching outcomes.