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周游,现就职于北京理工大学管理与经济学院,应用经济系,预聘助理教授/特别副研究员;华盛顿州立大学经济学博士;研究方向为区域经济学,能源与环境经济学,国际贸易等领域; 曾作为研究人员和博士后,在美国华盛顿州立大学货运交通政策中心和香港大学城市研究及城市规划中心从事相关研究;作为主要完成人参与了“美国西北太平洋区域多式联运交通中心建设评估”和“一带一路国家交通网络建设的经济效益分析”等5个科研项目。









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Economic Impacts of Mega Infrastructure Development in One Belt One Road Countries, 2019-2021, University of Hong Kong, 参与.

Assessing Feasibility of an Inland Container Terminal in the Pacific Northwest, 2017-2020, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 参与.

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2022: Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association*.

2021: Annual Meeting of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society*, 北京理工大学管理与经济学院青年学者学术研讨会.

2020: International Association for China Planning Annual Conference.

2019: Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Annual Conference, Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting,

2017: Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting*, Transportation Research Forum.

2016: World Conference on Transport Research, Canada-US Transportation Research Forum, Western Economic Association International Annual Meeting.

2015: Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Southern Economics Association Annual Meeting, Transportation Research Forum.

2014: Western Economic Association International Annual Meeting.