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2010.9-2014.6   北京交通大学     经济管理学院     学士

2014.9-2019.6     北京大学    光华管理学院   博士


Peng Huang, Gaoyan Lyu*, Yi Xu. Quality Regulation on Two-Sided Platforms: Exclusion, Subsidy, and First-party Applications, Management Science (Forthcoming)

Wang Wei, Gaoyan Lyu*. Sequential product positioning on a platform in the presence of network effects. International Journal of Production Economics (2020): 107779.

Wang Wei, Gaoyan Lyu, Wei Cui, Yongjian Li*. Strategic Technology Commercialization in the Supply Chain under Network Effects. International Journal of Production Economics (2020)

Gaoyan Lyu, Lihua Chen, Baofeng Huo*. Logistics resources, capabilities and operational performance: a contingency and configuration approach. Industrial Management & Data Systems, (2019)

Gaoyan Lyu, Lihua Chen, Baofeng Huo*. The impact of logistics platforms and location on logistics resource integration and operational performance. International Journal of Logistics Management, (2019)

Shuling Li, Tingru Zhang, Wei Zhang, Na Liu, Gaoyan Lyu. Effects of speech-based intervention with positive comments on reduction of driver's anger state and perceived workload, and improvement of driving performance, Applied Ergonomics,Volume 86, 2020.