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International Conference on Digital Health and Medical Analytics (DHA 2020)

International Conference on Digital Health and Medical Analytics

(DHA 2020)

July 24-25, 2020

Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China



There have been massive amounts of digital health data stored in the medical information systems. They could be a valuable source of supporting healthcare organizations’ clinical practices and operations, public health management, and medical research if it is analyzed in meaningful ways. Digital technologies such as big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly advocated as the emerging technologies in health care to fill this growing need. However, the adoption of digital technology in health care usually lags behind other industries, as some major technological and managerial obstacles still remain. Obstacles include the lack of health data integration, data overload issues, data privacy and security, and limited or inefficient data visualization. As a result, there is an urgent need for further research to technologically explore how to utilize digital health data to support evidence-based medicine using analytics approaches and demonstrate how big data analytics and AI can enable healthcare practitioners and policy makers to sufficiently address societal health concerns and challenges.

The aim of DHA 2020 is to bring together a wide spectrum of researchers, industry/start-ups and healthcare practitioners. DHA 2020 covers multidisciplinary subjects that can include communities of practice and social networks, analytics and engagement with tracking and monitoring wearable devices, big data, public health surveillance, persuasive technologies, epidemic intelligence, participatory surveillance, emergency medicine, serious games for public health interventions and automated early identification of health threats and responses.

Conference Sessions

Session 1: General track on digital health

Session 2: Big data analytics and AI in digital health

Session 3: Digital and social media in healthcare

Session 4: Public health and policy

Session 5: Operation and supply chain in healthcare

Session 6: Emerging technologies in healthcare

Session 7: Smart health and intelligent systems for health and wellbeing

Session 8: E-learning and training in healthcare

Session 9: Online healthcare community

Session 10: Blockchain in healthcare

Session 11: Applications of new technologies to respond to COVID-19

Session 12: Medical practitioner panel discussion

Fast Track to the Journals

                Information System Frontier [SSCI, ABS 3; Impact factor: 2.539] Call for papers

                Internet Research [SSCI, ABS 2; Impact factor: 4.109] Call for papers

                Industrial Marketing Management [SSCI, ABS 3; IF: 4.779] Call for papers

                Journal of Organizational & End User Computing [SCI&SSCI, ABS 1; IF:1.093] Call for papers

                Journal of Database Management [SCI, ABS 1 ; IF:0.577] Call for papers

                     Manuscript should be written in English or Chinese language.Please submit your submissions as a word document via EasyChair(click submission link here).

Key dates are:

                 10 June 2020    Paper submission deadline 

                 20 June 2020    Notification of acceptance/rejection

                 25 June 2020    Deadline for at least one author of each paper to register for DHA 2020(Early bird date)

                 1   July 2020     Deadline for authors to submit final manuscript for publication 

Organizing Committee

Conference Co-Chairs

Zhijun Yan, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

William Wang, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Yichuan Wang, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Dongsong Zhang, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

Program Co-Chairs

Shiwei Sun, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Minhao Zhang, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Lin Jia, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Luke Younghoon Chang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Qiuju Yin, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Important Attention

                 Conference events will be organized online and offline due to the impact of COVID-2019.

                 Remote presentations will be conducted via Zoom in circumstances where a travel ban prevents a presenter from attending the conference.

Contact information

Web URL: http://www.dha2020.org



Facebook: @dha2020china

Wechat Official Account: @DHA2020

Local host: Beijing Institute of Technology