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1 When does the turning point in China's CO 2 emissions occur Results based on the Green Solow model Environment and Development Economics Hao, Yu; Wei, Yi-Ming 2015
2 Energy efficiency of China's industry sector: An adjusted network DEA (data envelopment analysis)-based decomposition analysis Energy Liu Y, Wang K(王科) 2015
3 A comparative study on prediction methods for China's medium- and long-term coal demand Energy Bing-Bing Li,梁巧梅, Jin-Cheng Wang 2015
4 A systematic method to create search strategies for emerging technologies based on the Web of Science: illustrated for ‘Big Data’ Scientometrics Huang Y, Schuehle J, Porter A L,Youtie Jan 2015
5 Climate policy modeling: An online SCI-E and SSCI based literature review OMEGA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCE  Wei, Yi-Ming; Mi, Zhi-Fu; Huang, Zhimin 2015
6 Mediating effect of managers' environmental concern: Bridge between external pressures and firms' practices of energy conservation in China Journal of Environmental Psychology Zhang Bin, 王兆华, Lai Kee-hung 2015
7 Is there convergence in per capita SO2 emissions in China_ An empirical study using city-level panel data Journal of Cleaner Production Hao, Yu; Zhang, Qianxue, Zhong, Ming; Li, Baihe 2015
8 Can rewiring strategy control the epidemic spreading? Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 董超,尹秋菊, Wenyang Liu, 颜志军, Tianyu Shi 2015
9 Study on the measurement of international knowledge flow based on the patent citation network International Journal of Technology Management 叶选挺 张剑 刘云 苏竣 2015
10 EXPRS: An Extended PageRank Method for Product Feature Extraction from Online Consumer Reviews Information & Management 颜志军, Meiming Xing, Dongsong Zhang, Baizhang Ma 2015
11 A dynamic active energy demand management system for evaluating the effect of policy scheme on household energy consumption behavior Energy 余碧莹, Yaming Tian, Junyi Zhang 2015
12 Operational efficiency across the Chinese aerospace industry: a DEA and Malmquist analysis CHINESE MANAGEMENT STUDIES 董沛武,乔凯,杨玫 2015
13 Nano-enabled drug delivery systems for brain cancer and Alzheimer’s disease: research patterns and opportunities Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine Ma, J., Porter, A. L., Aminabhavi, T. M., & Zhu, D 2015
14 Analysis on patent collaborative patterns for emerging technologies: a case study of nano-enabled drug delivery International Journal of Technology Management Ma, J., Wang, X., Zhu, D., & Zhou, X. 2015
15 A GRA method for investment alternative selection under dual hesitant fuzzy environment with incomplete weight information Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 杨尚洪,鞠彦兵 2015
16 Potential impacts of industrial structure on energy consumption and CO2 emission: a case study of Beijing Journal of Cleaner Production Mi, Zhi-Fu; Pan, Su-Yan; Yu, Hao 2015
17 Will export rebate policy be effective for CO2 emissions reduction in China? A CEEPA-based analysis Journal of Cleaner Production Fan, Jing-Li; Liang, Qiao-Mei; Wang, Qian 2015
18 Accounting for China's regional carbon emissions in 2002 and 2007: production-based versus consumption-based principles Journal of Cleaner Production 刘兰翠,梁巧梅,王倩 2015
19 Technology Resource, Distribution, and Development Characteristics of Global Influenza Virus Vaccine: A Patent Bibliometric Analysis PLOS ONE 陈宁,刘云,程旖婕,刘龙,闫哲,陶礼新,郭新华,罗艳霞,闫傲霜 2015
20 Determinants of CO2 emissions from household daily travel in Beijing, China: Individual travel characteristic perspective Applied Energy 王兆华 Liu Wei 2015
21 Overuse or underuse? An observation of pesticide use in China. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Zhang, Chao, 胡瑞法, Shi, Guanming, Jin, Jin, Yanhong, Robson, Mark G., Huang, Xusheng. 2015
22 A new method for multiple attribute group decision-making with intuitionistic trapezoid fuzzy linguistic information SOFT COMPUTING 鞠彦兵,杨尚洪 2015
23 China’s farewell to coal: A forecast of coal consumption through 2020 Energy Policy 郝宇,Zong-Yong Zhang,廖华,魏一鸣 2015
24 Modeling household energy consumption behavior: A comparative analysis Transportation Research Part D-Transport and Environment 余碧莹, Junyi Zhang 2015
25 Analyzing collaboration networks and developmental patterns of nano-enabled drug delivery (NEDD) for brain cancer Beilstein journal of nanotechnology Ying Huang, Jing Ma, Alan L. Porter, Seokbeom Kwon, 朱东华 2015
26 塞拉利尼转基因“致癌”研究:从试验方法到结论. 中国生物工程杂志 石晓华,封勇丽,逄金辉,胡瑞法 2015
27 Research on comprehensive carrying capacity of Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei region based on state-space method Natural Hazards 唐葆君,Yujie Hu,Huanan Li,Dongwei Yang,Jiangpeng Liu 2015
28 The Analysis of Alternative Interval-censored and Complete Data Quality Technology and Quantitative Management 孔德景,崔利荣 2015
29 中国创新政策的演进——基于扎根理论 技术经济 杜根旺,汪涛 2015
30 Seasonal effects of temperature fluctuations on air quality and respiratory disease: a study in Beijing Natural Hazards Maria Ikram, 颜志军, Yan Liu, Weihua Qu 2015
31 Long- and Short-Term Health Effects of Pesticide Exposure: A Cohort Study from China. PLOS ONE 胡瑞法 ; Huang, Xusheng ; Huang, Jikun; Li, Yifan ; Zhang, Chao; Yin, Yanhong;Chen, Zhaohui ; Jin, Yanhong ; Cai, Jinyang ; Cui, Fang 2015
32 On generalized multi-state start-up demonstration tests Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 赵先,孙鸽,解伟娟 2015
33 The Asymmetric Effects of Official Interest Rate Changes on China’s Stock Market During Different Market Regimes Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 吕鑫,Dong Weijia; Fangfang 2015
34 房地产信托投资基金研究的文献计量分析 技术经济 刘伟,夏恩君 2015
35 Carbon emissions calculation from municipal solid waste and the influencing factors analysis in China Journal of Cleaner Production 王兆华 Geng Liwei 2015
36 Identification of technology development trends based on subject-action-object analysis: the case of dye-sensitized solar cells Technological Forecasting and Social Change 汪雪峰,Pengjun Qiu,朱东华,Liliana Mitkova,Ming Lei,Alan L. Porter 2015
37 A Further Research on S-core for Interval Cooperative Games International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 谢登元,关菲,张强 2015
38 China's energy consumption in the building sector: A life cycle approach ENERGY AND BUILDINGS   Zhang, Yan; He, Chen-Qi; Tang, Bao-Jun 2015
39 Household solid fuel use and cardiovascular disease in rural areas in Shanxi, China Iranian Journal of Public Health 曲卫华, 颜志军, Guohua Qu, Maria Ikaram 2015
40 Reliability and Birnbaum importance for sparsely connected circular consecutive- k systems IEEE Transactions on Reliability 沈静远,崔利荣 2015
41 A New Design on Attributes Single Sampling Plans Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods 刘芳宇, 崔利荣 2015
42 The extreme-value dependence between the crude oil price and Chinese stock markets International Review of Economics and Finance Chen Qian, 吕鑫 2015
43 Solutions for generalized interval cooperative games Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 关菲,谢登元,张强 2015
44 Spatial-temporal variations of embodied carbon emission in global trade flows: 41 economies and 35 sectors Natural Hazards Tian, Jing; Liao, Hua; Wang, Ce 2015
45 Productivity effect and overuse of pesticide in crop production in China. Journal of Integrative Agriculture ZHANG Chao,Guanming Shi,SHEN Jian, 胡瑞法 2015
46 China's regional drought risk under climate change: a two-stage process assessment approach Natural Hazards Yuan, Xiao-Chen; Tang, Bao-Jun; Wei, Yi-Ming; 2015
47 China's regional vulnerability to drought and its mitigation strategies under climate change: data envelopment analysis and analytic hierarchy process integrated approach-ESI MITIGATION AND ADAPTATION STRATEGIES FOR GLOBAL CHANGE Yuan, Xiao-Chen; Wang, Qian; Wang, Ke; 2015
48 Emergency alternative evaluation and selection based on ANP, DEMATEL, and TL-TOPSIS Natural Hazards 鞠彦兵,王爱华,尤天慧 2015
49 A patent time series processing component for technology intelligence by trend identification functionality NEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONSNEURAL Hongshu Chen ,Guangquan Zhang , Donghua Zhu , Jie Lu 2015
50 How does green technology influence CO2 emission in China- An empirical research based on provincial data of China JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY 丁韦娜、韩伯棠、赵欣、等等 2015
51 Market risk in carbon market: an empirical analysis
of the EUA and sCER
Natural Hazards Bao-jun Tang • Cheng Shen • Yi-fan Zhao 2015
52 Linearity tests under the null hypothesis of a random walk with drift statistical paper Yan rongguo, 张凌翔 2015
53 A Desirability Function-Based Relatively Optimal Interval Core Model and an Algorithm for Fuzzy Profit Allocation Problems of Enterprise Strategy Alliance International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 关菲,张强 2015
54 Vulnerability of infrastructure to natural hazards and climate change in China Natural Hazards Wei, Yi-Ming; Wang, Ke; Wang, Zhao-Hua 2015
55 Integrated risk assessment method of waterlog disaster in Huaihe River Basin of China Natural Hazards Jin, Ju-Liang; Fu, Juan; Wei, Yi-Ming; 2015
56 China's regional vulnerability to drought and its mitigation strategies under climate change: data envelopment analysis and analytic hierarchy process integrated approach MITIGATION AND ADAPTATION STRATEGIES FOR GLOBAL CHANGE Yuan, Xiao-Chen; Wang, Qian; Wang, Ke; 2015
57 An overview of climate change vulnerability: a bibliometric analysis based on Web of Science database (vol 74, pg 1649, 2014) Natural Hazards Wang, Bing; Pan, Su-Yan; Ke, Ruo-Yu; 2015
58 Start-up demonstration tests with sparse connection European Journal of Operational Research 赵先,王小越,孙鸽 2015
59 Is China’s carbon reduction target allocation reasonable? An analysis based on carbon intensity convergence Applied Energy Hao, Yu., Liao, Hua, Wei, Yi-Ming 2015
60 Has the development of FDI and foreign trade contributed to China’s CO2 emissions? An empirical study with provincial panel data Natural Hazards Hao, Yu., Liu, Yi-Ming 2015
61 A Supervised Requirement-oriented Patent Classification Scheme Based on the Combination of Metadata and Citation Information International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 朱福进,汪雪锋,朱东华,刘玉琴 2015
62 A Consensus gap indicator and its application to group decision making Group Decision and Negotiation Fujun Hou 2015
63 Strategies for Addressing Climate Change on the Industrial Level: Affecting Factors to CO2 Emissions of Energy-Intensive Industries in China Natural Hazards Wang Zhaohua,Wang ceh 2015
64 Sources of production inefficiency and productivity growth in China: A global data envelopment analysis Energy Economics Wang Zhaohua, Feng Chao 2015
65 M-Consecutive-k, l-out-of-n Systems IEEE Transactions on Reliability Cui Lirong,Lin Cong,Du Shijia 2015
66 Industrial Energy and Environment Efficiency of Chinese Cities: An Analysis Based on Range-Adjusted Measure International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making Ke Wang(王科), Xueying Yu 2015
67 Energy poverty in China: An index based comprehensive evaluation Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews(5.510) Wang K(王科), Wang YX, Li K, Wei YM. 2015
68 Driving Forces of Indirect Carbon Emissions from Household Consumption in China:An Input-output Decomposition Analysis Natural Hazards Wang Zhaohua,Liu Wei 2015
69 Determinants of an energy-saving behavioral intention among residents in Beijing: Extending the theory of planned behavior Journal of Renewable and Sutainable Energy Wang Zhaohua*, Zhang Bin, Li Guo 2015
70 Delinking indicators on regional industry development
and carbon emissions: Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei economic band case
Ecological Indicators Wang Zhaohua*,Lin Yang 2015
71 Birnbaum Importance for Linear Consecutive-k-out-of-n Systems With Sparse d IEEE Transactions on Reliability Shen Jingyuan, Cui Lirong,Du Shijia 2015
72 Applying the fuzzy SERVQUAL method to measure the service qualityin certification & inspection industry Applied Soft Computing 刘茹,崔立新,曾广峰,吴红艳,王成杰,闫珊,严冰燕 2015
73 Analyzing patent topical information to identify technology pathways and potential opportunities Scientometrics Jing Ma (马晶), Alan L. Porter 2015
74 A performance evaluation of the energy, environmental, and economic efficiency and productivity in China: An application of global data envelopment analysis Applied Energy Wang Zhaohua, Feng Chao 2015