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【Mingli Lecture 2022, Issue 35】 Professor Mi Zhifu, University College London, UK, was invited to give an academic report

On August 10, 2022, Professor Mi Zhifu from University College London, UK, was invited to the center to give an academic report entitled "Dirty skies lower China's subjective well-being". The report was hosted by Professor Yu Biying, and the center's teachers and students participated in the report.

Professor Mi Zhifu shared the latest research on the impact of air pollution on subjective well-being. Most of the existing studies on the impact of air pollution on human beings use variables such as premature mortality and morbidity, and pay low attention to mental health. Professor Mi Zhifu's research combines the emotional analysis method with the econometric model, builds the statistical indicators of subjective well-being at the urban level in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region based on Baidu search big data, and analyzes the correlation between subjective well-being and air pollution. After the report, the teachers and students of the center and Professor Mi Zhifu had an in-depth discussion on the selection of thesaurus, index construction, model testing and other issues.

In addition to academic research, Professor Mi Zhifu also shared his learning and growth experience in the Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center of Beijing University of Technology, as well as his development process abroad since graduation. Professor Wei Yiming, the director of the center, made a concluding speech, congratulated Professor Mi Zhifu on his achievements, and encouraged the students present to be ambitious, progressive and successful.Mizhifu is a professor, doctoral supervisor and associate dean of Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction at University College London, and a senior visiting scholar at the London School of Political Economics. He holds a bachelor's degree from the School of Mathematics, Shandong University, and a doctor's degree from the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Beijing University of Technology, under the guidance of Professor Wei Yiming. Committed to climate change economic and policy research, the results were published in Lancet, Science sub-journal, Nature sub-journal and other internationally renowned journals. It has been selected into the Forbes European "30 under 30" elite list and the "highly cited scientists" of Korui Vian, and has won the Outstanding Scientific Research Tutor Award of University College London (1 per year), the World Sustainable Development Award, the Hundred Most Influential International Academic Papers Award of China, the Best Paper Award of Energy Economics, the Best Young Scholar Paper Award of Environmental Research Letters, the Applied Energy Highly cited Original Paper Award, etc. Co-editor of SSCI Journal Structural Change and Economic Dynamics (IF: 5.059).