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【Mingli Lecture 2022, Issue 52】Associate Professor Qiu Liangfei of the University of Florida: Social Attention as Reference Points;

Associate Professor QiuLiangfei, Warlington School of Business, University of Florida, was invited to give an academic report

Contributed by, Photographer: Department of Management Engineering

At the invitation of the School of Management and Economics, associate professor QiuLiangfei of the Department of Information Systems and Operation Management of the University of Florida's Warrington Business School made an academic report entitled "Social Attention as a Reference Point: Evidence from a Field Experience" online at 9:30 a.m. on November 18, 2022. The seminar was hosted by Associate Professor Yin Qiuju, and many teachers and students of the college attended the seminar. "Social trading" refers to the user's trading strategy in the cryptocurrency trading platform. With the cryptocurrency trading platform with social nature, users can observe and learn the trading strategies of other traders by becoming followers of others. Professor Qiu first introduced the relevant background of online cryptocurrency trading platform and explained the research motivation. Then it explains the research basis that affects trading behavior and trading performance from social attention, social interaction and social reference points. Professor Qiu designed a random field experiment based on a leading cryptocurrency social trading platform, and studied how changes in social concerns affect traders' performance and trading behavior by manipulating the number of users' attention. Professor Qiu's research found that traders who received more social attention tended to trade more, use higher leverage and achieve worse performance. Among the traders who performed well before the increase of social attention, the increase of social attention had a stronger negative impact on trading performance, consistent with the overconfidence mechanism proposed in the study. In addition, the study also found the reference point effect of social attention, that is, eliminating the social attention that traders have already received does not reverse the impact of increasing attention - on the contrary, it will lead to worse performance. Among the traders who performed poorly before losing social attention, the negative impact was stronger, which supported the hypothesis of social attention as a reference point in the study. Professor Qiu's research has provided important inspiration for the design of social trading platforms, and reminded traders and platform managers to pay more attention to the interaction between social concerns and trading decisions.After the report, the teachers and students at the meeting had a positive and full discussion with Professor Qiu. The report received a warm response and was unanimously praised by teachers and students.


QiuLiangfei is an associate professor of the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management at the University of Florida's Warrington School of Business. In 2014, he received his doctor's degree from the University of Texas at Oslo. His current research focuses on forecasting markets, social networks and social media platforms, telecommunications networks and information systems economics. Many of his research results have been published in well-known academic journals, such as Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems. He won the Sandy Slaughter Early Career Award of the INFORMS Information Systems Association and the AIS Early Career Award in 2019. His academic part-time jobs include: deputy editor of MIS Quarterly Editorial Committee, senior editor of Production and Operations Management, and deputy editor of Decision Support Systems.