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【Mingli Lecture, 2022, Issue 42】Professor Shi Xunpeng of Sydney University of Science and Technology was invited to give an academic report

On the morning of October 27, [Mingli Lecture Hall, Issue 42, 2022], we had the honor to invite Professor Shi Xunpeng of the University of Science and Technology of Sydney to bring an academic report entitled "Preliminary exploration of the journey of energy transformation". Professor Hao Yu, Director of the Department of Applied Economics, School of Management and Economics, Beijing University of Technology, presided over the report. Affected by the epidemic, this report was held online, attracting many teachers and students from universities at home and abroad.In the report, Professor Shi Xunpeng first introduced the importance of achieving zero carbon emissions to limit global warming. Secondly, he also analyzed many challenges that China will face in the process of achieving carbon neutrality, such as insufficient commitment, free riding and prisoner's dilemma. In addition, Professor Shi also stressed the importance and challenges of the clean transformation of the energy system in limiting global warming and achieving zero carbon emissions. At the same time, Professor Shi pointed out that to promote a fair and sustainable energy transformation, we need to deepen our understanding of the driving factors, processes and impacts of energy transformation from outside, and gave some constructive strategic suggestions.

After the report, Professor Shi Xunpeng and the participating teachers and students had in-depth exchanges and discussions on issues related to energy transformation and green development. The teachers and students attending the meeting said that they benefited a lot from the report and hoped that they would have the opportunity to have further communication and learning with Professor Shi offline after the epidemic ended.