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【Mingde Lecture 2022, Issue 54】 Professor Wu Dongyuan of Fudan University was invited to give an academic report

On November 23, 2022, Ms. Wu Dongyuan of Fudan University was invited to make an academic report online entitled "Cultural congruence or compensation? A meta-analytic test of transformational and transactional leadership effects across cultures". The report was hosted by Ms. Wang Ying, and more than 20 teachers and students of the School of Management and Economics participated in the report.Ms. Wu Dongyuan introduced the content of the paper in detail from the following aspects: the background of culture and leadership research, the theory of cultural consistency and complementarity, the hypothesis of the research, the division of GLOBE cultural dimension, the division of outcome variables, the analysis method, the presentation and discussion of the results. The article makes a detailed analysis and discussion on the impact of leadership and culture on employee performance under the two conditions of consistency or complementarity. Based on the discussion of 460 samples of charismatic leadership and 139 samples of transactional leadership, the author draws three conclusions: first, charismatic and transactional leadership are positively related to subordinate performance, and charismatic leadership is more relevant. Secondly, charismatic leadership has a stronger impact on convergence results under vertical differences and harmonious culture, which is in line with the view of cultural consistency. Thirdly, the influence of transactional leadership on discrete results is stronger in the culture of low performance centers, which is in line with the view of cultural complementarity.

After the report, the teachers and students at the meeting had an in-depth discussion on cultural dimensions, leadership effectiveness, analysis methods and other issues. The discussion was warm and fruitful.

Attachment: Profile of Wu Dongyuan

Wu Dongyuan is a lecturer in the Department of Enterprise Management, School of Management, Fudan University. He graduated from the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations of Michigan State University. He has published many articles in Journal of International Business Studies, Personal Psychology, Journal of Management, Human Recovery Management Review and other journals, and participated in the Academy of Management and other annual conferences for many times and made reports. Research and academic opinions were reported by domestic and foreign media such as Wen Wei Po and Forbes. Research directions include organizational behavior and human resources, leadership, diversity and inclusiveness, cross-cultural management, part-time workers, etc.