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【Mingli Lecture, 2022, Issue 58】11-25 Professor Li Xiang of Beijing University of Chemical Technology:

Lecture title:Research on the evacuation of passenger flow in urban transportation hub

Time: 2:00-3:30 p.m. on Friday, November 25

Venue: Tencent Conference: 246-723-649

Reporter: Professor Li Xiang, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Introduction to the keynote speaker:

Li Xiang, member of the Beijing Chaoyang District Committee of the CPPCC, professor of the School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, top young talent of the National Ten Thousand Talents Program, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, new century outstanding talent of the Ministry of Education, winner of the HuoYingdong Young Teacher Award of the Ministry of Education, new star of science and technology in Beijing, and young talent of national governance in Beijing. He is currently the chief editor of the Journal of Data, Information and Management, the deputy chief editor of Information Sciences and other journals, the editorial board member of the Journal of Operations Research and Management and the Journal of Systems Engineering, the director of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences and Engineering, the Chinese Association for the Study of Optimal Methodology and Economic Mathematics, and the director of the Chinese Academy of Operations Research. Research fields include transportation management, hazardous chemicals transportation management, big data decision-making, etc., publishing 2 monographs, 1 teaching material, more than 100 papers, winning 7 provincial and ministerial awards, 3 industry association awards, and presiding over key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, excellent youth projects, general projects, and new liberal arts research and reform practice projects of the Ministry of Education; 12 national invention patents are authorized; Seven software copyrights were registered.

Introduction to the report:

This work takes Beijing West Railway Station as an example to introduce the large-scale optimization and uncertain optimization problems in the evacuation management of the surging passenger flow in the urban transportation hub.

(Undertaken by: Department of Management Science and Logistics, Scientific Research and Academic Exchange Center)