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11-5午间学术分享会-应用经济系朱然博士: What was the real post-war Japanese model?An alternative explanation

  主讲人:应用经济系 朱然 博士

  时间:2019年11月 5日(星期二)中午12:00-13:00





  In this presentation, I will examine both cultural and economic nationalism and their roles in modernization of Japan. Historically, Japan was not colonized by western powers, but China did and failed in many wars. Why? It is said, Japan accepted modernization thoroughly, including constitution and parliament, but China just bought western weapons. Is that true? I will show, 10 years after Meiji restoration, Japan had a civil war called “the Satsuma rebellion”, that influenced Japan heavily until Kamikaze. After WWⅡ, Japan succeeded in high-growth and became rich. What is the Japanese model? Some say Japan was a free market economy (compared with eastern bloc) and others say because Japan had industrial policies (compared with another western economies). Which one is true? I will show, it is not market vs government in Japan, but national economics vs dual structure. I will also show, what is the roles played by Marxists.  Finally, I will suggest losing both cultural and economic nationalism, is the problem of current Japan.