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7-3 美国东卡罗来纳大学梁会刚教授:Exploration or Exploitation? How IT Ambidexterity Affects Organizational Agility





  : The current IS literature treats IT ambidexterity as a single construct, which makes a strong assumption of the simultaneity of IT exploration and exploitation and does not acknowledge the separate effect of each dimension. We take a different approach to investigate IT ambidexterity by respectively examining the antecedents and consequences of IT exploration and IT exploitation. Based on matched-pair data from a field survey of business and IT executives, we find that structural systems of knowing positively influence IT exploitation but have no significant effect on IT exploration, and that the social system of knowing is a significant antecedent of both IT exploration and IT exploitation. Most important, we find that the relationships between the two dimensions of IT ambidexterity and organization agility are contingent on environmental dynamism. IT exploitation increases agility in stable environments but has no effect on agility in dynamic environments, whereas IT exploration has a stronger positive effect on agility in dynamic environments than in stable environments, both significant. This study offers a novel understanding of IT ambidexterity – IT exploration and IT exploitation do not need to be both high to improve agility, and their specific effects depend on environmental dynamism. It improves the current view of IT ambidexterity and makes a significant contribution to IS strategy research and practice.


  梁会刚,美国东卡罗来纳大学(East Carolina University)商学院管理信息系统系终身教授,医疗管理系统研究中心主任,2012年受聘为商学院唯一的杰出教授(Endowed Chair)。目前担任国际期刊UTD24期刊Information Systems Research副主编,FT50期刊JAIS高级主编,Information & Management的副主编(Associate Editor)。在MIS Quarterly、Information System Research、Journal of Management Information System、Journal of AIS, Decision Support Systems等国际顶尖信息系统学术期刊发表论文30余篇。其著作被广泛引用,据Google Scholar统计,引用次数已超过8000余次,单篇文章最高引用达到2459次。