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3-20 University of South-Eastern Norway Limei Che副教授:Industry Specialist Audit Teams and Audit Production

  主讲人:Limei Che副教授(University of South-Eastern Norway)



  主讲人介绍: Dr Limei Che is an Associate Professor in Accounting at University of South-Eastern Norway. She earned a PhD in Financial Economics at BI Norwegian Business School. She was ever a Senior Performance Analyst, Storebrand Asset Management, Oslo, Norway. Her research interest is in the fields of Auditing and Accounting. Dr Che has published her research in leading Auditing journals such as AUDITING: A Journal of Practice & Theory, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting.,Managerial Auditing Journal 

  报告内容摘要: This study examines industry specialization at the audit team level. Utilizing proprietary data on audit hours and charge out rates by staff rank for 908 audit teams, we use auditors’ actual hours of exposure to an industry to identify industry specialist auditors. We classify an audit team as an industry specialist team (IST) if it includes at least one partner who is an industry specialist where a specialist is defined as an auditor who spends at least 260 hours (the mean of allocated hours for auditors in our database) in a single industry and has at least two clients in that industry. We analyze differences in audit production and team composition for ISTs  and non-ISTs. Results show that audits of ISTs are more costly to produce due to both greater  effort and higher charge out rates. Further, the proportion of industry specialist hours to total team hours is greater in ISTs than non-ISTs. This result holds not only for the entire team but  at the manager and associate ranks as well, indicating that ISTs have greater industry expertise at all levels. Thus, industry specialization can be viewed as a team concept, and our study augments prior studies that examine industry specialization at the partner, office, national, and global levels.