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11-28香港中文大学商学院David Ahlstrom教授报告:Turning good research into good publications: Getting started right

  报告人:Prof. David Ahlstrom 



  题目:Turning good research into good publications: Getting started right-Writing a Strong and Organized Introduction Section for Your Paper (or Thesis)


  Publishing in quality academic journals (or your thesis) is challenging. Authors who want to improve their chances of publishing in business and allied social sciences journals can save themselves much time and frustration by ensuring that their manuscripts are consistent with the journal’s aims and scope and address key unanswered research questions or improvements to current theory and evidence in a given domain. It is well-understood if a manuscript lacks theoretical grounding or makes significant methodological or research design mistakes, it will likely be rejected. Many researchers do not make mistakes there, but do fail to properly situate, motivate, and organize their manuscripts well, particularly in the all-important introduction of the paper. Oftentimes, an author may face rejection of his or her manuscript not because of bad data or methods, but because of major framing and organizational issues with the paper, as well as it lacking clear contributions. This talk (and associated handouts) addresses these key problems within the context of writing a clear research question and introduction section, and contributions, which then form the basis for the overall organization of the paper. Numerous helpful sources for authors are also provided and discussed. 


  David Ahlstrom (PhD, New York University) is a professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and previously worked in the computer industry and government for a number of years. His research interests include managing in Asia, entrepreneurship, organizational and economic history. He has published over 130 peer-reviewed articles in journals such as the Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, and Journal of World Business. His work has also appeared multiple times in The Wall Street Journal. Professor Ahlstrom has guest edited special issues for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and Multinational Business Review.