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9-13 心理治疗师Margret Elson报告:Stress Management

  时间: 9月13日(星期四)下午4:30—6:00

  地点: 主楼418

  演讲题目: Stress Management  

  内容介绍:  This presentation will show you simple ways to calm jittery nerves in many kinds of situations. The first kind of situation refers to the stress associated with specific challenges, like taking tests, giving speeches, or giving interviews. Knowing how to calm your mind and body while preparing for those times, enhances the possibility of optimal performance. The second kind of situation refers to generalized low-grade anxiety, on a daily basis. Neurological studies show how such stress is deleterious for your health.   With practice and mindfulness, the techniques advanced in this lecture, can be used in any circumstance to lessen anxiety, calm your mind and bring increasing self-assurance.  

  主讲人介绍:  Margret Elson is a psychotherapist, piano teacher and author. She is a licensed MFT (Marriage, Family Therapy) therapist. Margret has three master degrees: two from University of California, Berkeley in Political Science and Journalism; and one in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, CA. Her early music education includes ten years as a scholarship student at Juilliard Prep Division, in NYC, in San Francisco and Paris. In 1993 she received a National Endowment of the Arts grant to produce the CD, Twentieth Century American 4-Hand Piano Music (Laurel Record).   Margret has been a pioneer in Wellness and the Performing Artist for over 40 years. Because performers live under constant stress, much of her work centers around issues of managing performance anxiety. She has created a unique method of optimal performance through management of stress. Margret has been invited to present her work throughout the US, in London and Oslo, and at international conferences on mind and body. Most recently she presented at PAMA: the Performing Arts Medical Association conference.  Margret has written two books about her work: Passionate Practice: The Musician’s Guide to Learning, Memorizing and Performing, and the Piano and the Couch: Music and Psyche. Throughout her work Margret strives to maintain a sense of humor.