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7-9国立成功大学Chia-Yen Lee副教授学术报告: Nash Equilibrium in Data Envelopment Analysis

  题目: Nash Equilibrium in Data Envelopment Analysis

  主讲人: Chia-Yen Lee (Associate Professor of National Cheng Kung University)

  时   间:2018年07月09日(周一)上午10:00

  地   点:北京理工大学 理工国际教育交流大厦四号会议室


  李家岩博士现任台湾国立成功大学制造咨询与系统研究所副教授,获美国德克萨斯A&M大学工业与系统工程博士学历。研究领域包括:生产与效率分析,数据科学,智慧制造系统,能源与污染的随机优化,半导体制造,紧固件,石油化工等。他现任Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal副主编。研究成果发表在European Journal of Operational Research, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Annals of Operations Research, 以及Applied Soft Computing。他先后获得Ta-You Wu杰出青年学者奖(2017),杰出青年学者奖金(2014, 2017),最佳实践论文奖(2016)以及杰出青年工业工程师奖(2016)。


  Due to the trends of market structure, carbon emission, partial deregulation, each player or decision-making unit (DMU) would like to maximize its individual profit in an imperfectly competitive market. However, a typical data envelopment analysis (DEA) implicitly assuming a perfectly competitive market with exogenous price may violate the practical assumptions, in particular, energy market. Nash equilibrium plays an important role to address these issues and empower the framework of DEA. This study reviews the recent advanced research about Nash equilibrium in DEA, which formulated the profit maximization problem with undesirable outputs and be transformed into the mixed complementarity problem (MiCP) for identifying the Nash equilibrium. Nash solution flourishes the DEA studies such as showing the rational inefficiency, Nash profit efficiency estimation, mixed strategy Nash equilibrium, Nash marginal abatement cost estimation, Nash allocation of emission permit (AEP), etc. Several empirical studies of coal-fired power plants have been conducted to validate the proposed Nash models. The results show that the Nash DEA complements typical DEA researches, and provide the managerial insight for driving productivity in an imperfectly competitive markets.