Teachers Attend The First Conference of Global Chinese Real Estate Development

  • Publish Date:2010-01-25

    On August 20th, 2009, the first conference of Global Chinese Real Estate Development was held at the North Star Intercontinental Hotel in Beijing. Li Zheng,Wenyan Wang , and other teachers in our department attended this event.
    That day,the China’s Real Estate Development Forum , co-hosted by Global Chinese Real Estate Conference, Yangtse Evening Post and Xinmin Evening News, undertook by Found media was held with presenatation of : Bin Xia, director of institute of finance in development research center under the State Council of China; Kang Jia,  director of institute of finance, Feng Lu, Center for china Economic Reseach of Peking University; Tao-kui Li, Department of Finance in Tsinghua University;Wang Hong-wei, vice-president of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics;  Jian-ping Ye, director of land resource management department of institute of public administration; Bo Gao, director of Research Center of Zhejiang University; Sheng-hua Jia, director of Research Center of Real Estate of Nanjing University; Li-fan Wu, president of The Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University;Ke Wang , director of Research Center of Real Estate of Baruch College in City University of New York . The scale and influence is impressive. CCTV economical channel "Dialog" have an interview with key speakers, the scholars and the special audience interacted positively, atmosphere was very warm.
    During the two-day Annual conference, the experts and scholars come from hi-education, the industry and the government held a dramatic colloquialism to talk over the hot issues in the real estate such as real estate financial innovation, the developing methods and the development enterprise under the real estate market slump, housing security and property management, the coherent development of urban and rural areas and intensive use of urban land, urbanization and macroeconomic development and effects of the crisis from under-credit loan etc.