Dean Prof.Yiming Wei attended the meeting of Management Science and Engineering

  • Publish Date:2010-01-25


    As SME deepens the implementation of the scientific view of development, all teachers in the Department of Management Science and Engineering held a meeting on this topic in Room 1003 of Center Teaching Building on April 14.

    Head of Department of Management Science and Engineering, Prof.Qiang Zhang, briefed the achievements in the past year, analyzed the current problems and shortage in the development of the discipline and proposed the objective to be a national key discipline.


    The Dean,Yiming Wei , and Associate Dean, Jian Li, were invited to attend the meeting. Wei proposed six suggestions: simplify discipline directions, strengthen the building of research teams, train excellent Ph.D candidates, run for the national key discipline, expand the internal and external academic exchanges and international cooperations, and improve academic atmosphere. Some staff said they would actively participate in teaching and research activities and make significant efforts to advance the development of the discipline.