Prof.Jinlin Li and Prof.Yiming Wei investigated the Department of Management Science and Engineering

  • Publish Date:2010-01-25

The Chairman of the School Council, Por.Jinlin Li, and the Dean,Prof.Yiming Wei came to the department of management science and engineering and investigated the development of the discipline, the construction in teaching and researching and the training of students on April 3. 

Prof.Li and Prof.Wei listened carefully to presentation and advice provided by the teachers of the department such as Han Botang, Liu Yun, Zhao Yanping, etc. During the meeting, Li and Wei made a high appraisal to the achievements and contributions made by each teacher and exchanged attitude on the questions found in the research and teaching. Some possible solutions were discussed. The teachers showed the determination to carry out the advice provided by Li and Wei, and promised to make an improvement to create a better condition to speed up the development in the future.