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2009 Ph.D Admission Guide

  • Release date:2010-01-26 11:41:00

The doctoral program is designed to offer advanced and highly specialized curriculum in management and economics study. Students are expected to complete their program in four years, during which they could receive systematic training in theoretical framework and research methodologies related to business management and economics area. They will be recognized as experts with a broad perspective, deep insights, and a strong cross-cultural skills.

The program is designed for candidates with excellent intellectual abilities and a strong commitment to research, and to produce university faculty members who are excellent researchers and teachers, especially in business schools. The specific objectives of this program are:
* To develop academic faculty for leading business schools in China;
* To facilitate the quality of scholarly management research in mainland China;
* To produce high qualified young scholars in line with mainstream research in the fields.

The program offers Ph.D degree on two disciplines: management science and engineering and business administration.

 The research field of management science and engineering includes theories and methods of information management, methods and techniques of management decision-making, modern logistics and supply chain management, risk management and reliability theories, theories and methods of management models and organizational design, theories and methods of industrial engineering, theories and methods of national economic mobilization, science and technology forecasting and innovation management.

The research field of business administration includes: organizational behavior and human resource management, theories and methods of  modern business management and innovation, marketing and transnational business, organizing information and knowledge management, enterprise investment and finance management.