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3-17 Invited Talk - Liu Yuanxue, senior manager of Sinolink Securities co., LTD. : A-share listed companies cross-border M&A case analysis

  • Release date:2017-03-27 08:23:00

Topic: A-share listed companies cross-border M&A case analysis

Speaker: liu Yuanxue (senior manager, sinolink securities co., LTD.)

Time: March 17, 2017, 16:00

Location: Main BLD 418

About the speaker:

    Liu Yuanxue, senior manager of Sinolink Securities mergers and acquisitions department, certified public accountants, graduated from the university of Illinois (UIUC) Business School. He has focused on Chinese enterprises merger, acquisition and reorganization domestically and cross the border, leading or involved in several billion-level cross-border M&As, such as miteno, (SZ. 300038) assets reorganization, wynn (SZ. 300230) equity financing merger and acquisition, Xinchao (SH. 600777) assets reorganization, Longzhou (SZ. 002682) assets reorganization, etc.. Mr Liu worked at pricewaterhousecoopers (PWC) Beijing audit department and involved in audit or M&A related work in the capital market of Hong Kong, and worked at AIMS Financial Group investment banking, as a Financial adviser helping several Chinese companies with foreign equity financing.


    Investment bank is known as the crown of the financial sector and M&A known as the pearl on the crown. This report, based on several cross-border m&a cases the speaker recently involved, will give an in-depth analysis on the A-share listed companies cross-border m&as from the perspectives of financing and valuation. At the same time, the speaker will also, combined with his own work experience, share how to develop a career from an accounting major student to an investment banker.

(Hosted by the Accounting, information disclosure and corporate governance research center, Scientific research and academic exchange center)