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2-21 Invited Lecture - Professor Yan Jiyue, Royal Swedish Institute of Technology and Mela Darren University: Smart Multi-Energy Systems (sMES)

  • Release date:2017-03-27 08:20:00

Title: Smart Multi-Energy Systems (sMES)
Speaker: Professor Yan Jinyue (Professor of the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology and Mela Darren University / editor-in-chief of Applied Energy)
Time: February 21, 2017 (Tuesday) 9: 30-11: 30
Location: 6F CEEP

About the Speaker:

    Professor Yan Jinyue is an international expert in the field of energy. In 1991, he received his PhD from Royal Swedish Institute of Technology. In 2001 he was appointed as a tenure professor in Sweden. Now academician of the European Academy of Sciences and Art, and Professor of the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology and Mela Darren University, Director of the Future Energy Profile; Dean of the International Institute for Applied Energy Innovation.

Introduction :

    A smart multi-energy system (sMES) is a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources in a defined geographic area that can connect and disconnect from the grid. The complexity of multi-energy system is characterized by their sophisticated use of advanced system controllers, which orchestrates the energy supply from several on-site energy sources, such as solar, wind, combined heat and power (CHP), energy storage and reciprocating engines, as well as the central grid. It also integrates the end-users load control with different energy saving approaches. It is location specific and highly tailored to serve its customers’ needs. Under the new circumstance of the sMES, we need a new approach to solve the challenging issues associated with new transitions of future complexity and opportunities. Its interdisciplinary and synthetic approach not only reveals the systematic overview, but also detailed components of a sMES.

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