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5-24 Invited Lecture – Prof. Li Hua of University of Pennsylvania: China's Embracing Innovation Leads to the Future.

  • Release date:2017-06-30 01:26:00

Topic: China's "Embracing" Innovation Leads to the Future.

Speaker: professor li hua (university of Pennsylvania)

Time: 1:30-3:00 PM on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Location: Main building conference room 418

Speaker Profile:

    Li hua, founder of the China Innovation Institute of Cambridge and honorary President of GEC international education college in Hong Kong. Distinguished professor of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Bournemouth, doctoral supervisor. Visiting scholar at Cambridge university. Dr. Li is the founder of the theory of China's "Embracing" Innovation.


    The international academic community has for a long time been preoccupied with China’s innovation model. What is behind China’s rise, and what enabled the country to become the world’s second largest economy in less than 40 years?  What is behind the legacy of China? The country’s emergence from a weak to a strong power has not been an indisputable fact. It is important to understand, however, if this change and the country’s rise was a sudden phenomenon, or if it was based on a deep historical and cultural foundation. If it is the former, China’s prosperity will decline just as suddenly as it rose. In this case, there would be no sustainable development. If the latter is true, then China’s rise is attributable to its long-term historical accumulation, a solid cultural foundation, and it seized an important opportunity to find significant solutions through innovation. This means that China has a heritage, a continuity of history and culture, and thus it is bound to have sustainable development.