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Associate Professor Yao Yi, School of Economics, Peking University, Gives Report

  • Release date:2018-06-14 01:17:00

  On January 26, 2018, at the invitation of the Research Center for System Risk Management, Prof. Yao Yian, School of Economics, Peking University, gave an academic report titled “Fairness of Medical Insurance and Related Research” in Room 418 of the main building. The report was chaired by Prof. Li Jinlin, and more than 30 faculty members and students attended the report meeting.


  Associate Prof. Yao Yi combined the research results of the sub-project of China's medical insurance fairness“Establishment of fair benefits for basic medical insurance in China”,“Building a Social Security System and Safeguarding Social Fairness and Justice”, Academic paper “Improvement of Sustainability of Small Health Insurance: Measurement of Risk Adjustment Subsidy for Use of Obstetric Services” and “Identification of Health Insurance Fraud Based on Empirical Study of China's Medical Expenses Commercial Insurance”, described the fairness of medical insurance the latest research results and research development trends. He combined with the actual situation of China's current medical reform, put forward related theoretical and methodological issues and several suggestions for advancing our family doctor's contracting services. Subsequently, the teachers and students attending the report meeting and Associate Professor Yao Yi discussed the relevant issues enthusiastically.