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Professor Cheng Xinsheng Visits

  • Release date:2018-01-17 07:36:00

  On the afternoon of December 10, 2017, Professor Cheng Xinsheng from Nankai University Business School was invited to visit Beijing Institute of Technology School of Management and Economics. In the main building room 418, he gave a lecture entitled "Research on the authority of technology directors, salary incentive and innovation activity". Nearly 50 teachers and students from the Accounting Department as well as teachers from Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing Technology and Business University and other colleges and universities attended the seminar.

  Mr. Cheng started from the professional background of technical directors, especially the board chairman and general manager, to discuss whether there will be a better degree of innovation activity under the circumstances of salary incentive and the empirical evidence. After the speech, all the teachers and students discussed the issue of what is the technical director and how to solve the endogeneity, especially the measure of innovation activity and its effect. The atmosphere was very warm and the students said that they benefited greatly.

  Cheng Xinsheng, a professor and doctoral tutor at Nankai Business School, Ph.D. in management, postdoctoral fellow in management, visiting scholar at Alberta University in Canada, and director of corporate governance evaluation at Corporate Governance Research Center of Nankai University. Nankai Management Review, deputy chief editor. The main research directions are corporate governance and corporate finance, internal control and evaluation.