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Beijing Institute of Technology Graduate Dr. Mi ZhiFu Wins the Best Doctoral Dissertation in China Economics

  • Release date:2017-12-19 08:01:00


  November 18, 2017, China Economics Awards ceremony was held in Beijing. Dr. Mi Zhi Fu, a graduate of the School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology, won the award of 2017 "Best Doctoral Dissertation in China Economics" . The Doctoral Dissertation Award in China Economics was established and organized by the Contemporary Economics Foundation. The aim of this award is to promote the academic exploration spirit in Chinese economics education and encourage theoretical innovation. The academic requirements of the winning papers are pioneering contributions and innovations in the basic theory of economics and research methods, or can provide innovative solutions to major economic problems in reality. Each award-winning paper was awarded amount 100,000 yuan and a silver medal. Each year 10 articles were selected and awarded a total amount of 1 million yuan. The Best Doctoral Dissertation Award of China Economics is the highest award for doctoral dissertations in the field of economic management at present. This award is a great encouragement for young economic management scholars to start academic research. The 2017 winners of 10 papers are, respectively from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Beijing Institute of Technology and other eight colleges and universities. Mi ZhiFu received his doctorate degree in management by Beijing Institute of Technology in 2015 and the instructor is Professor Wei Yiming.