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Associate Professor Cao Qingning from China University of Science and Technology Gives Lecture

  • Release date:2017-12-19 07:58:00

  On the morning of November 5, 2017, Associate Professor Cao Qingning from the China University of Science and Technology was invited to hold an academic lecture entitled "Operational Roles of Retail Bundling and Its Implications in a Supply Chain" in Room 422 of the main building. The School of Management and Economics Teachers and students participated in the academic exchange activity.


  First of all, Mr. Cao vividly introduced the concept of product bundling through examples, and then studied the influence of product bundling on the supply chain by establishing a mathematical model.  Prof. Cao's research shows that product bundling has three impacts on the supply chain: (1) it can reduce the negative impact of supply-demand mismatch on the supply chain; (2) change the retailer's ordering decision; (3) affect the manufacturing Business pricing strategy. In addition, companies can also influence the distribution of profits in the supply chain through product bundling. Finally, Professor Cao provided suggestions and guidance to graduate students in writing high-level essays. The classmates who listened to this talk said that they have been greatly inspired by Cao's rigorous scientific spirit. After the report was over, the students conducted further study and discussion with Professor Cao.