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Ms. Wu Jin, Medical Director of Greater China, General Electric China Co., Ltd., Gives Lecture

  • Release date:2017-12-19 07:51:00

  November 4, General Electric (China) Co., Ltd. Greater China Medical Director Wu Jin, at the invitation of Beijing Institute of Technology School of Management and Economics professional degree education joint center, made a presentation entitled "Health 2030 Enterprises Comprehensive health management ".


  In 2015, regulations and policies related to the health industry in China were introduced intensively. "Healthy China" rose to a national strategy, and the health industry gradually became the new engine of economic development. However, the "healthy China" strategic plan came into being in the context of building a well-off society in an all-round way during the "13th Five-Year Plan". The plan will start from the aspects of big health, big hygiene and big medicine so as to meet the growing needs of the masses’ health needs. Although with the introduction of policies, the general public has more and more health awareness, knowledge reserve and exercise forms, the sub-health status of a large number of people is still worrying. In this report, Director Wu through the case of enterprises health management and summary of key experiences, explained how to understand big health, how to do a comprehensive enterprise health management in this context, and how to grasp the business opportunities in the big health industry.