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Associate Professor Tao Ma of Texas Tech University Holds Academic Seminar

  • Release date:2017-12-19 07:29:00

  On the afternoon of November 10, 2017, Associate Professor Tao Ma of Texas Tech University was invited to hold an academic lecture entitled "Do Local Investors Always Know Better? Evidence from China's Market Segmentation" in Room 418 of the Main Building. The School of Management and Economics Teachers and students participated in the academic exchange activity.


  Mr. Ma first introduced the information disclosure of the capital market through examples. Compared with foreign investors, domestic investors have more information advantages. A, B shares were used in the Chinese market to distinguish between domestic and foreign investors. Foreign investors paid more attention to the macro-economic situation. In emerging market economies, foreign investors are not necessarily at an information disadvantage. After the speech, Ms. Ma answered the questions enthusiastically and provided her own experience on how to study in the United States.