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Our National Economic Mobilization Has Achieved Landmark Achievements in Its Disciplinary Development

  • Release date:2017-11-15 01:34:00

       On September 25, the Humanities and Social Science Evaluation Center of Chang'an University released "Research Report on the Most Influential Scholars in Chinese Philosophy and Social Science: Research Based on Chinese Papers (2017 Edition)". Kong Zhaojun, vice dean of the School of Management and Economics, executive deputy director of the National Economic Mobilization Education and Training Center and chief professor of the National Economic Mobilization Discipline, ranked among the most influential scholars in Chinese philosophy and social sciences.
        It is reported that the most influential scholar of Chinese philosophy and social science rankings data come mainly from the CNKI dissertation database, collected a total of 20 first-level disciplines of management, Marxism, philosophy, religion, linguistics, literature, art, history, archeology, economics, political science, law, military science, sociology, ethnology, journalism and communication, library, information and literature, education, sports science and statistics, as well as 81 secondary disciplines such as scientific research management, and a total of 8100 scholars’ Chinese papers data. There are three types of this list, that is 20 first-level discipline ranking, 81 secondary-level disciplines ranking, and 5 interdisciplinary ranking. In the rankings, all those who list on the list, regardless of the rankings, are the most influential scholars in all disciplines.