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SME Teachers and Students Visit "Five-Year Forging Ahead" Exhibition

  • Release date:2017-11-15 01:17:00

        October 17, 2017, on the eve of the 19th National People's Congress, Beijing Institute of Technology School of Management and Economics organized faculty members, student party members and party activists to participate in the large-scale achievements exhibition jointly organized by the Central Propaganda Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Military Commission Political Work Department and the Beijing Municipal Party Committee "Five-year Forging Ahead".


        In front of the exhibition hall, Party members and staff members recited the oath of joining the party under the pledge of Peng Mingxue, deputy secretary and vice dean of the SME party committee. Party members lifted their right hand solemnly before the bright red flag. Reviewing the determination and belief of the previous years, bearing in mind the oath of joining the party inspired efforts to practice and consciously dedication, and encouraged teachers and students keep making progress and struggle for life.