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SME Graduate Students Visit Liangxiang Campus

  • Release date:2017-07-04 06:08:00

  On the morning of June 3, 2017, the "Knowledge collision, academic pilot" graduates delegation of the School of Management and Economics conducted an observation seminar in the second floor meeting room of the administrative building of liangxiang campus. Party committee secretary professor Wang ZhaoHua and his research team, and more than 30 undergraduate students of liangxiang campus participated in this activity. The meeting invited associate professor Zhong Huibo, director of the Economics Department of the Humanities School to join the discussion. Liang hao, secretary of the Rresearch Committe, Jia YiNing, counselor of class 2014, and zhuang jie, counselor of class 2016 participated in the seminar. The meeting was hosted by Zhang rui, secretary of the youth league.


  Professor Wang Zhaohua pointed out that the School attaches great importance to the construction of academic atmosphere on Liangxiang campus, encourages experts and scholars, professors, young teachers to bring scientific research activities to Liangxiang. This can improve the connectivity between the two campuses, and also enable outstanding undergraduate students personally involved in academic research, academic thinking, and scientific research atmosphere.