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Prof. Xiaohu Li from Stevens institute of technology in the United States Visits

  • Release date:2017-07-04 06:08:00

  On the afternoon of June 8, 2017, professor Xiaohu Li of the United States Stevens Institute of technology was invited to visit Beijing Institute of Technology school of Management and Economics and made an academic report entitled "Preservation of weak stochastic arrangement increasing under fixed time left - censoring". Nearly 20 faculty and students attended the meeting. The report was hosted by professor cui Lirong.


  Xiaohu Li is an associate professor of mathematics at Stevens institute of Technology. He received his PhD in engineering and applied science at the university of New Orleans. His research interests include probability, statistics, dependence model, and random management. He has published a number of academic papers in the Annals of Operations Research, Journal of Applied Probability, Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, Naval Research Logistics and other international journals. He is deputy editor of Statistics and information Letters and is editor of several international journal editorial boards.