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Jadavpur大学的Priti Kumar Roy教授应邀来访管理与经济学院

  • Release date:2017-07-04 06:08:00

  On the afternoon of June 8, 2017, professor Priti Kumar Roy of Jadavpur university was invited to visit and give an academic report entitled "Mathematical Modeling for the Prevention of Methanol Poisoning Through Ethanol by Impulsive Way". Nearly 20 teachers and students attended the meeting. The report was hosted by professor cui lirong.


  Professor Priti Kumar Roy is an expert in nonlinear systems dynamics and has a deep knowledge of mathematical modeling. His major areas of research include mathematical modeling of epidemiology, biodiesel, and production optimization, and more than 80 papers have been published in international and domestic journals on these issues. He is an outstanding member of the Indian biochemistry society (BMSI), the international association of engineers (IAENG), the European society of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases (ESCMID) and the European society of mathematics and theoretical biology (ESMTB). Professor Roy has received invitations from more than 20 overseas universities and research institutes from Europe, Asia and the Americas, and has held academic reports at many universities in India.