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Professor li hua of the university of Pennsylvania Visits

  • Release date:2017-07-04 06:08:00

  On the afternoon of May 24, 2017, professor li hua, a distinguished professor at the university of Pennsylvania, visited our school and carried out academic exchanges on the theme of "China's 'embracing' innovation: leading the future". Professor liu yun, director of the Center for Scientific and Technological Evaluation and Innovation Management, associate professor wang lu, young teacher Dr. Ye XuanTing, Dr. Wang gangbo and some doctoral students and graduate students attended the lecture. 

  In this lecture, professor li hua defined China's innovation as "embracing" innovation, and thereby discussed several important aspects on China's rise, the birth of China "embracing" innovation, China's competitiveness and the sustainable development. In the end, the "embracing" innovation was summed up in sixteen words: embracing contradictions, advancing with the times, seeking common ground while shelving differences, and being harmonious and inclusive.


  Later, professor liu yun and associate professor huang lu put forward their own views on the related content of China "embracing" innovation, and discussed and communicated with professor li hua.