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SME Party Committee Holds 2017 "7.1" Party Building Evaluation Work Meeting

  • Release date:2017-06-01 05:50:00

  May 10, 2017, the School of Management and Economics Party Committee held an enlarged meeting to discuss the selection of Beijing institute of technology 2017 advanced grass-roots party organizations, advanced party branches, outstanding communist party members, and outstanding party affairs workers.  The meeting was hosted by Peng Mingxue, deputy secretary and deputy dean of the School.


  First, secretary Wang Zhaohua introduced the early work of the School party committee on organization of awards application and recommendation.  Party committee members Wang ZhaoHua, Dong Peiwu, QiuFang, and zhang xiao-su as well as representatives Yan ZhiJun, Tang Baojun, and Peng Mingxue carefully reviewed the party branch and individual application materials. A recommendation list was determined upon review and discussion.