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Innovation Co-Laboratory Holds 2017Academic Symposium

  • Release date:2017-06-01 02:36:00

  On the afternoon of May 2, 2017, BIT-GT-UNIMAN Innovation Co-Laboratory 2017 Academic Symposium was held in conference room 418 of the main building. Prof. Jan Youtie from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Prof. Philip Shapira, Dr. Li Chao from the University of Manchester, Professor Wang Xuefeng, Associate Professor Huang Lu, Dr. Guo Ying from the School of Management and Economics, and the entire doctoral and graduate students from Beijing Institute of Technology Knowledge Management and Data Analysis Laboratory attended the meeting.


  The first half of the interdisciplinary report was hosted by Prof. Jan Youtie. Dr. Huang Ying gave a brilliant presentation entitled "Interactive overlay maps and technological fields evolutions for US patent (USPTO) data". Dr. Liu Xiaoyu introduced the cross-domain expert identification methods with a presentation entitled "A new approach to identify cross-domain researcher". Dr. Wang Zhinan introduced the quantitative research in the process of technical convergence with a presentation entitled "Measuring the convergence of divergence activities of technology by patent information: examples from CPC Y04". Finally, Omer Hanif, an international student, finished the report with "2-D Inventor-Author Interaction: Methods and Case Study in Graphene".


  The second half of the report on innovation and networking was hosted by Prof. Philip Shapira. He firstly connected Dr. Liang Xiao of the University of Manchester, who made an online presentation entitled "Commercialising Synthetic Biology: Responsible Innovation and Societal Challenges- Case Studies in the UK and China"  to discuss responsible innovation in the field of synthetic biology. Dr. Li Chao from the University of Manchester and Dr. Zhu Lin of the Beijing Institute of Technology, respectively, made a presentation entitled "Innovative SMEs to Innovative China: Innovation Strategies, Dynamics and Networks among SMEs in Chinese Manufacturing Sectors" and "A simple approach to describe experts' A case study of graphene ". During the reporting period, two foreign professors made constructive comments on each report.